• Move: W,A,S,D
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Shoot Blue Portal: Left Mouse
  • Shoot Orange Portal: Right Mouse
  • Grab: E
  • Restart: R
  • Main Menu: Escape

Well, SOMEONE'S got a sick, twisted sense of humor! Whoever it was, they seem to have placed you in this strange place with nothing but a portal gun, leaving it up to you to find your way out merely for their entertainment. If you are to make it out of this sick joke you will have to navigate your way through four intricately designed levels. To accomplish this, you'll need to find a key in each level and use it to pass on to the next level. Will your keen eye and skill with the portal gun grant you your freedom, or will you remain trapped and be forced to endure this prison forever?

NOTE: If level 4 doesn't load on your computer due to full memory,  download the zip containing the PC .exe. 


Portal Pals PC.zip 132 MB


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Might as well be Portal 3